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Recovering from Twitter Pitch Contests


How many of you are on Twitter? (Hopefully ALL of you, because it’s an invaluable tool for querying writers!) How many of you participated in the two massive Twitter pitch contests that happened on Wednesday (#70pit17) and Thursday (#PitMad)?

Stressful, right?
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How to Start A Writing Business

Afternoon, folks!

In honor of Novelarnia’s new location on our lovely website, I want to take a day and talk about starting your own writing business. I’m qualified to speak about this because… well,¬†you’ve found my website. So I must be doing something right. >.>

Every hit is a victory! Celebrate with me!!

Point is, maybe you’ve had an idea of starting a business too! So let’s talk about getting started.
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Are You Ready for an Agent?

Hey, folks! ¬†Next week, I’ll be starting a series about querying authors and what their personal experiences have been. ¬†But today, I¬†want to talk about the realities of getting an agent.

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Guest Post: “The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction”

Hello! It’s Becki’s friend, Annette, again! You may remember from my Pinterest post about writing inspiration, which you can find here.

He’s the best. ¬†Seriously.

Today I am reviewing The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction by Jeff Gerke. With the exception of a couple of chapters, this book could easily be called “The Art & Craft of Writing Fiction”. It is a great overall tool for writing that I would recommend to anyone who writes, regardless of whether it’s fiction or not. If you’re interested in Jeff Gerke but just can’t get around the Christian thing, you can also check out his book The First 50 Pages, which covers similar techniques, but not¬†much past the first 50 pages of a novel. Continue reading “Guest Post: “The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction””